Object Permanence Box With Tray

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A box to practice hand-eye coordination and become familiar with object permanence.

This product is a teaching material, not a toy. 

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How to Usε: The child must drop the ball into the hole in the box. Take the ball out of the box and put it in the matching tray, allowing children to observe the ball is not disappearing, experience the permanence of the object.

Hand Movements Cultivation: Help practices hand movements while sending information to the brain, develops wrist and finger control, also known as exquisite hand movements.

Sense of Success: repeatedly using the toy, children learn how they feel successful when they achieve their goals.

Safe and Non-toxic: Environmentally friendly water-based paint, no peculiar smell, no paint drop, and no effect on the health of babies.

Meaningful Toy: Help children understand that the object still exists, even if they cannot see it.

Τray is 28cm long, 14cm wide and 11cm high. It is made from beech wood and is sanded smooth to touch.
Golf ball, diameter: 3,5cm.

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Weight 0,4 kg
Dimensions 28 × 14 × 11 cm

1, Permanence, Box, one, oversized, ball, /, 1, βάση, με, κουτί, και, 1, υπερμεγέθης, μπάλα


8+, Μηνών, /, 8+, Months


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