About Us

“Independent Living” has been inspired by the Maria Montessori educational system which states that a rightly prepared environment can have a huge impact on a child’s development. Our products aim in creating a harmonous and tidy living space, where all parts of the house are easily approachable and the child can meet his own needs, promoting independence, sense of value and creativity.

All products are made in Greece with focus on detail, and with respect to the environment. We use high quality Greek birch plywood, covered by eco and child friendly varnish complying with European norm PN EN 71.3 safe for children. No additional varnish or paint is used.

Our Montessori Home collection was designed with Maria Montessori’s pedagogy in mind.

  • The pieces are ready for use by your child, no furniture hacking necessary.
  • Made of natural, beautiful, durable Greek birch plywood for a long life in your home.
  • Designed to fit into your home and your style while removing obstacles to your child’s learning and development capabilities.
  • Pieces like our “Independence Chair” and “Independence Sofa/Table”  are adjustable, and can grow with your child, lasting through the early developmental stages. The chair has an adjustable seat while the sofa becomes a table that fits the chair perfectly.
  • The products are delivered ready to use, no assembling required.

Inspiration and Design

All products are the brainchild of Rita‘s Assistants to Infancy Education by AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) and the expertise obtained only with the upbringing of two children the Montessori way!

Independent Living Products

The Founders

We are both firm believers, in Maria Montessori’s words, that “independence is a word with a wider connotation than freedom”. Independent Living aims in providing children independence, freedom with limits and the power to control their environment.

Rita Papageorgiou & Giorgos Pachoulis Family

Rita Papageorgiou

I am a mother of two children and a certified AMI 0-3 Assistant to Infancy. I have a substantial experience in children’s education (from 1 to 6 years old) and have worked as a Montessori Guide for children 1-3 since 2013.

The knowledge I have summoned about the four stages of development and the rightly prepared environment combined with my experience as a guide and foremost a mother has led me to the creation of Independent Living.

Giorgos Pachoulis

I am a designer, a print production manager, a creator of an advertising company and a series of moblie travel guides. Above all, I am father of two children and a strong believer that independence results to higher self esteem, a stronger personality and happier living.