Children's Furniture & Toys

Living the Montessori Way

Our Furniture

A selection of Montessori based pieces of furniture, designed to help your children reach independence at home.


Independence Chair

75,00 includes VAT

Independence Sofa & Table

120,00 includes VAT

Kitchen Tower

145,00 includes VAT

Toilet Stool

100,00 includes VAT

Water Source

150,00 includes VAT

Infant Bookcase

100,00 includes VAT

Toddler Bookcase

115,00 includes VAT

Independence Wardrobe

195,00 includes VAT

Our Toys

We researched, tested and brought the most unique selection of toys for your child. All toys are made from natural ingredients (wood, cork, etc), that are suitable according to the Montessori philosophy and way of life.

English Spelling Rods with Blocks

25,00 includes VAT

Magnetic Game: Sea

10,00 includes VAT

Giant Volcano Model

59,00 includes VAT

Wooden Shape Sorter

32,00 includes VAT

Chameleon Reader

170,00 includes VAT

Safari Miniatures

The Safari ltd products need no introduction as they are well known worldwide for their amazing quality and attention to detail. We are very proud to offer you the chance to purchase such hard to find items in Greece.

Safari Miniatures – Antarctica

15,00 includes VAT

Safari Miniatures – Space

15,00 includes VAT

Safari Miniatures – In The Sky

15,00 includes VAT

Safari Miniatures – Trees

15,00 includes VAT

Safari Miniatures – Rainforest

15,00 includes VAT

Wooden Books

Find here wooden books made from four sheets
of birch plywood which are printed on each side,
and then bound together by leather tongs
inspired by the Maria Montessori educational system.