Digits and chips

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This material, with its highly encouraging character, offers a wide range of possibilities for a creative and playful use of digits, numbers and quantities in the number space 10. Therefore, it is also well suited for young children with a thirst for research who are interested in numbers to gain their first experiences and Collect / discover relationships with quantities, digits, numbers and order.

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Learning objectives:
Getting to know the digits 0-9
Exercise sequence of numbers 1-10
Allocation of quantities and recording of
even / odd numbers
Recognizing / forming patterns and orders
Writing the digits (prevention / exercise against mirror writing)

Material data:
Stable and high-quality design made of wood in an elegant wooden box.
Box Size: 21×10,5x6cm
Wooden Number Frames: 5,5×6,5cm
Chips (diameter): 2,5cm
Wooden Die Cut Numbers: 4,5cm height

Additional information

Weight 0,6 kg
Dimensions 22 × 12 × 7,5 cm
Pieces / Κομμάτια:

1 Wooden Box, 11 wooden number frames, 11 Wooden die-cut numbers, 60 chips / 1 Ξύλινο Κουτί, 11 ξύλινα πλαίσια με αριθμούς, 11 ξύλινοι "κομμένοι" αριθμοί και 60 Fίσες

Ηλικιακό Γκρούπ / Age Group:

3+ Χρονών / 3+ years old

Υλικά / Materials:

Ξύλο / Wood

Χώρα Κατασκευής / Made In



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